Study visit of the delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Poland

From 4 to 8 November of this year, within the framework of the project “Strengthening human resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, we hosted in Poland a delegation of nine representatives of public institutions related to research statistics from all state entities of BiH.

The main purpose of the visit was to learn about the Polish system of education statistics, methods of collecting, recording and processing of data by the Polish authorities and the exchange of experience in this field. As part of the meetings the participants received information on the following topics:
• The system of Education in Poland. Statistics of educational system: legal and methodological basis, data sources, classifications. Fields of education and training. ISCED2011 implementation
• Software used in surveys on education
• Information system on education (database): ISCED 0 – ISCED 4, ISCED 5B, of which:
– methodology of statistical surveys on adult education at ISCED 1 – 3 levels
– methodology of general and vocational education surveys
• Cooperation of Ministry of National Education of Poland and Central Statistical office of Poland in the field of Statistics on Education System and in particular – finance expenditures on education;
• Information on educational attainment in National Census of Population and Housing in Poland
• Expenditure on education. Data sources, methodology of surveys
• Methodology on higher education surveys
• Preparation of UOE annual questionnaires (finance and non-finance tables)

The program of the study visit was prepared by EPRD, and took place in Warsaw in the following institutions:
1. Central Statistical Office
2. Ministry of National Education

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