Framework contracts

We provide advice and technical assistance to public administration in developing countries as part of projects financed by the European Commission and its respective Delegations, but also other international organizations such as: European Training Foundation (ETF) or European Investment Bank (EIB).

Our activities cover countries around the world, in particular the Balkans, ACP countries (Africa – Caribbean – Pacific), South America and Asia.

We operate in various thematic fields, and the main ones are:


  • Rural development and food security
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Governance and internal affairs
  • Education
  • Trade, standards and the private sector
  • Macroeconomics, statistics and public finances

As part of our projects, we provide technical support, prepare feasibility studies, carry out project and programme evaluations, formulate and identify new projects, define tasks and responsibilities, prepare tender specifications, etc.

How do we work

  • Our team consists of young, energetic, qualified managers with experience, using their managerial, interpersonal and linguistic skills to effectively monitor the implemented projects.
  • We employ the best Polish and international experts in our projects. We provide our consultants with optimal logistical, technical and financial support, as well as monitor their work to ensure the highest quality results.


We have completed over 800 consulting, research and evaluation projects, mainly in developing countries on 5 continents.

We have led many international consortia, were a partner of well-known global consulting companies and also worked independently.

Examples of projects:

  • We were the leader of a four-year, multi-sectoral contract for the European Commission, which resulted in over 140 various projects in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, the Pacific and the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and Balkans.
  • The material scope of the contract included technical support, evaluation of projects, programmes and tender documents, evaluation of calls for proposals, obtaining grants / subsidies. We carried out these tasks in such thematic areas as education, employment, combating poverty, health, civil society, human rights, self-governance, state reforms, security, migration, trade, private sector development, food security, rural development, environment, climate, natural resources, energy, development strategies, finances, IT systems, infrastructure.

More Examples of projects here

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