Financial analysis

We carry out financial and economic analyzes as well as financial forecasts for the public and private sectors.

Analyzes and forecasts make it possible to assess the finances of a company or institution and the legitimacy of planned business ventures. The public sector uses our services mainly for applying for investment co-financing from EU funds, private investors (under PPP mechanisms), and banks for which a thoroughly performed analysis is the basis for granting the loan.

The Department of Financial analysis consists of a team of experienced analysts. If the project is particularly complex, we reach for the pool of specialized external experts: analysts specializing in pre-implementation analyzes of PPP projects. When the Client expects us to support strategic institutional, legal and financial decisions affecting analyzes and forecasts, we use reliable tax consulting offices and law firms.



The challenges are mainly analyzes and forecasts on uncertain markets, in different legal and financial systems and those involving complex financial engineering of an enterprise with a still undefined institutional and legal structure. We have completed all such projects with success, which has been measured by the Client’s satisfaction.

Our Experience

We boast of more than five hundred, high-quality financial and economic analyzes and forecasts that have resulted in public investments in Poland and abroad, and have allowed companies to optimize costs, multiply profits or avoid unprofitable ventures.

How do we work

  • We start a close cooperation by getting to know the Client’s individual assumptions and learning about/developing an institutional, legal and technical concept.
  • We listen to the Client’s previous experiences. We get acquainted with the market analyzes and expert studies. If the Client does not have such data, we propose to collect them, offering a comprehensive service.
  • When developing analyzes and forecasts, we determine: capital expenditures, sources of financing (including possible subsidies), analysis of demand, operating income and costs, etc., to finally, though not always, integrate the analysis into the broader context of the feasibility study or business plan.

Examples of projects

  • Development of a financial model and analysis for the project of establishing a research and development center for a Polish company growing seeds for cultivation in organic farms
  • Preparation of a financial analysis for the feasibility study of the construction of a landing site for emergency helicopters at the hospital emergency department of the Health Care Center
  • Update of the financial analysis along with the calculation of the financial gap in the project of building a sports hall with a didactic part at the school complex
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