Research and evaluation

In 2007 we created the Department of Research and Evaluation. The Department has carried out a number of studies, analyzes and evaluations for such Clients as: Polish and foreign ministries, marshal offices, public employment services, European Union agencies and European Commission directorates.


We have prepared reports on ex-ante evaluations (conducted before the activity started), mid-term (during the implementation of activity) and ex-post (after the implementation of the activity).

We have developed analyzes and studies of various economic sectors, taking into account their competitiveness and innovation, comparative analysis of social and economic phenomena occurring on the European market, analysis of the implementation of EU directives, and applicable legal regulations in individual Member States.


How do we work

  • We design all of our research, analyzes and evaluations taking into account the Client’s needs and proposed methodology, which, each time, is discussed and supplemented by our experts.
  • We offer a set of techniques and research methods that will allow us to get answers to all questions and research problems of our Client.
  • We carry out research and evaluations to the highest standards.
  • With the use of the acquired knowledge and experience, we prepare the final report on the conducted research, analysis and evaluation.
  • We present the results to stakeholders, and we are open to any comments.
  • After completion of the research process, we present the Client with the conclusions and recommendations, implementation of which is a response to the diagnosed problems.

Examples of Projects

  • Evaluation of operational programs of the EU financial assistance in the context of climate change
  • Study to support labour force mobility between the science sector and the private sector at the European level
  • Evaluation of the program aimed at supporting innovation in South Africa financed by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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Małgorzata Olesiak tel. 41 345 32 71