Strategic documents

We have prepared over 200 strategic documents for our partners from the public sector during the last 20 years. We have worked with ministries, government agencies, marshal offices and municipalities.

How do we work

Each time, we prepare strategic documents on the basis of existing data analysis, and defined needs of the sector and the Client. We identify the potential and the barriers that will affect the short and long-term development. We indicate development paths and sources allowing to acquire financing for new projects. We consult the draft plan of the prepared document with the Client and the stakeholders. We monitor the implementation stages of the document’s records. We are looking for improvements and rationalization, and suggest possible solutions.


We have created strategies for the development of municipalities and cities, local spatial development plans and revitalization programmes.

We have created a strategic document setting directions for the development of the entire wood sector in Poland.

Examples of projects

  • The development strategy of Polish functional area with particular emphasis on integrated territorial investment
  • A medium-sized municipality revitalization program
  • A comprehensive assessment of the needs for short-, medium- and long-term activities that form the basis of the European Union’s strategy in relation to the refugee crisis in Turkey
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