Project management

We offer comprehensive management, accounts settlement, reporting and promotion of projects financed from any sources of external support. We support the implementation of large and dispersed projects, with complex models of relationships and connections, as well as in the areas of advanced technologies.tinent.

We have our own team of experienced experts and we have a network of proven thematic consultants specializing in all areas of economy and science, which guarantees efficient implementation of the project, achievement of the assumed indicators and completion of projects in the scheduled time.

When managing projects, we use individual IT solutions in communication and planning, which allows us and our Clients to keep track of the work progress.


Our experience of many years allows us to support Clients in project management during crisis situations (occurrence of unforeseen events, threats connected with the achievement of the assumed indicators and schedule, difficulties in interpersonal communication, etc.)

How do we work

  • We recognize the assumptions of the project and select a team of experts guaranteeing its effective implementation.
  • We make every effort to ensure that the project is carried out in accordance with the established assumptions.
  • If it is necessary to verify initial assumptions, such as the schedule, costs or the scope of activities carried out, we modify the concept of project implementation without exposing the Client to the risk of losing funding.
  • We achieve indicators, results, manage risk, monitor, evaluate and settle accounts for the project.
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Michał Kosecki tel. 41 345 32 71