EPRD elaborated “Guide for R&D centers”

Within the project “Legal support in implementation activities for ERDF R&D projects in Poland” EPRD experts elaborated “Guide for R&D centers”. The document has been developed on the basis of diagnosis of problems and needs of five R&D centers: Centre for Preclinical and Technological Research (CePT) in Warsaw, Dolnośląskie Centre for Materials and Biomaterials (EIT+) in  Wrocław; Centre for Advanced Technologies (WCAT) in Poznań, Centre for Advanced Materials and Technologies (CEZAMAT) in Warsaw and Centre for Biological and Chemical Sciences of the University of Warsaw (CENT III), however, is of universal nature. The Guide is dedicated to R&D centers, including scientific consortia, in particular so called ‘large projects’ with co-financing exceeding 50 mln €, at the stage of transfer from investment to operational phase. Thematic scope of the Guide encompasses:

·Legal and organizational form

·Intellectual Property Management

·Public procurement

·State Aid

·Protection of the personal data

The following parts were included in the Guide in the form of annexes:

·European examples of legal form

·Good practices in the use of infrastructure in the context of stated aid

·The concept of Metropolitan Research Centres

The Guide will be available to all interested stakeholders on JASPERS’ website.

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