Public procurement

We provide consulting services to public and private entities awarding public contracts as well as to private entities applying for international public procurement.

We offer comprehensive support for the processes of awarding and obtaining public contracts.

To Contracting Authorities we offer the competences of our interdisciplinary team of experts, supported in the case of complicated orders by specialists in the fields of e.g. selected aspects of PPP, as well as architects, experts on new technologies, etc.

To tenderers we offer the expertise of one of the most experienced teams in Poland in obtaining international public procurement.

How do we work

  • We offer not only proper preparation and carrying out of the contract award procedure in accordance with the legal requirements, but also the ability to address problematic issues in an analytical way and support in making the right decisions.
  • Above all we offer comprehensive preparation of documentation to initiate procedures, their ongoing handling, and auditing of the conducted procedures’ documentation.
  • We help tenderers to build a consortium and understand the procedures governing orders from a given Contracting Authority – donor. Together, we develop an offer and, if there is such a demand, we help in the implementation and accounts settlement of the contract.