Honorary Consulate of Finland

Tadeusz Pęczek, EPRD shareholder and Foundation PRO CIVIS President, has served as an Honorary Consul of Finland since 13th November 2014.

The Honorary Consulate office is located in EPRD’s headquarters. Hanna Lehtinen, Ambassador of Finland with Tadeusz Sayor, Deputy Mayor of Kielce and Tadeusz Pęczek, Honorary Consul, officially opened the Consulate by a symbolical cutting of the white-and-blue ribbon.

The award of the title Honorary Consul of Finland is the crowning achievement of the over ten-year-long cooperation with the Central Region of Finland.

A measurable result of this cooperation is, among others, the agreement on permanent partnership cooperation between the Świętokrzyskie Voivodship and the Central Finland Region, whose capital is Jyväskylä.

The basic tasks of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Finland consist of:

  • protection of the interests of the Republic of Finland
  • providing protection and legal assistance to Finnish citizens and legal persons residing in the territory of the Republic of Poland
  • providing assistance and active support to citizens of the Republic of Finland residing in the Republic of Poland in contacts with institutions and legal entities located in the Republic of Poland
  • establishing and promoting economic, political and scientific contacts between the Republic of Finland and the Republic of Poland
  • taking actions aimed at promoting and spreading the knowledge of Finnish culture in the territory of the Republic of Poland
  • performing other duties and tasks resulting from the performed function, commissioned by the Embassy of the Republic of Finland in Poland or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Finland.