Innovative cooperation model in the Polish agricultural sector
EPRD is developing a Marketing Plan for Jurajski Agro Fresh Park
Master Plan for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Centre in Włostowa
New project in the Investment and Development Department
Knowledge Transfer Strategy for the Łukasiewicz Research Network is under development
EPRD for Polish R&D sector
Private sector /Public sector
We support the public and private sectors in obtaining financing from the EU
International cooperation
We implement projects commissioned by international organizations as well as local institutions
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We have supported public and private sectors for more than 20 years

In the initial period of the EPRD’s activity, we mainly implemented projects supporting sector and regional restructuring, financed by the European Union, USAID, and Know How Fund. Our specialists also worked on the implementation of restructuring programmes financed by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


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A wide portfolio of Clients

The professionals we employ and collaboration with a network of experts from different continents allow us to achieve the goals of our Clients’ from around the world. We execute orders for international institutions such as: European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Training Foundation.

We encourage you to see our full portfolio of Clients.

Knowledge and experience

Our services are carried out by teams of specialists with many years of experience in implementing projects across the globe. Constant cooperation with consultants around the world allows the company to implement a wide range of tasks in response to the needs of our Clients.

We know how to successfully
implement projects


completed projects


the countries in which we implemented the projects


our experts

Our services are provided by teams of highly qualified in-house staff who are well experienced in implementation of projects in Poland and worldwide. Moreover, everyday cooperation with experts in various fields enables us to realize any business goal.

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Innovative cooperation model in the Polish agricultural sector

Jurajski Agro Fresh Park is an innovative cooperation model in the Polish agricultural sector, which will be a wholesale operator purchasing crops and products for their further redistribution. One of the key tasks of JAFP will be to strengthen the negotiating position of agricultural and horticultural producers. Moreover, it will also assume the role of an integrator and promoter of the rapid development of individual groups of producers and processors. The operation of JAFP will undoubtedly influence its development and increase the competitiveness of Polish agriculture and food industry. (more…)

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Master Plan for Agricultural Entrepreneurship Centre in Włostowa

The EPRD Investment and Development Department has started work on a new project, aimed at developing a Master Plan for the venture involving the establishment of the first Agricultural Entrepreneurship Centre in the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship in Włostów (Opatów County). The purpose of this undertaking is to establish the institution responsible for the concentration, preliminary processing and wholesale distribution of agricultural and horticultural products and food processing products. (more…)

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Knowledge Transfer Strategy for the Łukasiewicz Research Network is under development

In recent years, the Polish research and development sector has experienced significant positive changes. The stable growth of the Polish economy, high human resources potential, a growing number of research centres, and several tax support reforms for R&D activities make Poland an object of interest for foreign investors. (more…)

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