BioBoosters - Boosting the circular transition
We support the development of the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region
Bioeconomy Educational Centre for Central Eastern Europe
Developing feasibility assessment of bioeconomy educational centre for Central Eastern Europe
New project in Azerbaijan
EPRD will be supporting further modernisation of the educational system in the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Private sector /Public sector
We support the public and private sectors in obtaining financing from the EU
International cooperation
We implement projects commissioned by international organizations as well as local institutions

Shaping the Future


completed projects


the countries in which we implemented the projects


our experts

Our services are provided by teams of highly qualified in-house staff who are well experienced in implementation of projects in Poland and worldwide. Moreover, everyday cooperation with experts in various fields enables us to realize any business goal.

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Our partners


We have supported public and private sectors for more than 20 years

In the initial period of the EPRD’s activity, we mainly implemented projects supporting sector and regional restructuring, financed by the European Union, USAID, and Know How Fund. Our specialists also worked on the implementation of restructuring programmes financed by the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.


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A wide portfolio of Clients

The professionals we employ and collaboration with a network of experts from different continents allow us to achieve the goals of our Clients’ from around the world. We execute orders for international institutions such as: European Commission, European Investment Bank, European Training Foundation.

We encourage you to see our full portfolio of Clients.

Knowledge and experience

Our services are carried out by teams of specialists with many years of experience in implementing projects across the globe. Constant cooperation with consultants around the world allows the company to implement a wide range of tasks in response to the needs of our Clients.


BioBoosters – Boosting the circular transition

We are proud to announce that EPRD Experts in cooperation with the Foundation for Education and Social Dialogue “Pro Civis”, have been involved in the implementation of an international project „BioBoosters – boosting the circular transition”. The project is a partnership of 9 stakeholders from the Baltic Sea countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany and Poland.


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Bioeconomy Educational Centre for Central Eastern Europe

The BIObec Project aims to build bridges between the bio-based industry and the education system by interlinking universities, innovation labs, and R&D centres with industrial actors and regions. In order to achieve this, the project proposes a holistic framework that merges the traditional idea of an education centre, with that of a knowledge hub. (more…)

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New project in Azerbaijan

We are proud to announce that EPRD led consortium has been selected to implement the “Support to the Ministry of Education in further development of NQF Level 5 qualifications and strengthening the resilience of the education system in Azerbaijan” project with a value of 4.2 mln EUR. The project will be carried out in accordance with the strategic directions as set up within the  Azerbaijan 2030: National Priorities for Socio-Economic Development, supporting ongoing reforms in the Azerbaijani educational system by providing technical assistance. (more…)

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