Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting is our key specialization.

We believe that every small and large company, and every public institution needs its own unique guidepost – its own path to development and success.

We believe that each creation and change-management process should start with a strategy that will ensure success in the financial, market, social and environmental dimensions.

Our experts at home and abroad, and our tried and trusted business partners from all over the world combine their competences to support managerial staff in both stock-offering corporations and family-run businesses, creating the best conditions for making decisions that will prepare companies to start operating, to introduce new services and products, to expand into new markets, to acquire new customer segments, to adjust to the altering customer requirements– adapt to the changing world.

We work together in interdisciplinary teams led by strategic advisers to develop visions of the development of municipalities and regions, and transition countries. We also help to lead a social and political dialogue that will make these visions a reality.


Each strategic consultancy project is a challenge for us, requiring a team brainstorm of creative and highly technical experts. Every place, every company, every country, and every institution has to set with us the priorities of its development. Choosing an adequate number of priorities is usually a challenge.

How do we work

  • The result of our cooperation with the Client is the Strategy – a more or less extensive document that ends one stage and starts another.
  • When preparing strategies, plans, business plans, and models, we use our own methodology together with proven and well-known methodologies, methods and techniques.



Our portfolio encompasses strategies for the creation of local/national Polish and foreign clusters.

We are co-authors of the national strategic document setting development directions and competitive advantages of the wood sector in Poland.

We have developed numerous new business models along with their implementation strategies, business plans, export development plans, and development strategies for municipalities and regions.

Examples of Projects

  • A national strategic document setting directions for development, expansion and competitive advantage of the wood sector in Poland
  • Strategy of expansion on the Polish market of a leading international corporation from the chemical sector
  • A comprehensive needs assessment for the activities of short-, medium- and long-term strategy underlying the European Union in relation to the refugee crisis in Turkey
  • Advisory support to identify the Palestinian sectors and industries where there is a potential for increasing energy efficiency with the development strategy of the EU in relation to the development of the green economy in Palestine
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