We comprehensively support business and the education sector in generating economic growth through developing and releasing the ability to create and use solutions based on the results of scientific research.

We rely on our own resources of business development experts and scientists–practitioners, who have been successful in commercializing scientific research. We constantly cooperate with NCBiR, PAN, PARP and with Polish and foreign technical and medical universities.


The biggest challenge is both the stage of planning research projects and management allowing proper division of roles between participants representing different sectors and different work cultures.


We have prepared research and R&D agendas, readiness audits, application documentation for EU funds, and reports on project implementation.

How do we work

  • First, we define the goals, and then we conduct a readiness audit according to the methodology we have developed.
  • Next, we select external sources of project financing, which often determine further work methodology and necessary documentation.
  • We create research and R&D agendas and, if necessary, develop application documentation.
  • We offer a project management service, which allows Clients to focus on the subject-matter of the venture.
  • We settle accounts and close projects. Sometimes we also help in the transfer of property rights, obtaining patents and solve legal, organizational and financial complexities.

Examples of Projects

  • Establishment of a Research and Development Center in an international corporation in the construction sector
  • Construction and equipment of the Research and Development Center and implementation and co-financing of R & D projects for one of the largest European furniture manufacturers
  • Development of a financial model and analysis for the project of establishing a research and development center for a Polish company growing seeds for cultivation in organic farms
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