Subsidies from external funds

Who we work with

We provide support to our business partners from the public sector in the implementation of the tasks entrusted to them. We work with government and self-government administration units, universities and research institutes, non-governmental organizations, business environment institutions, as well as the European Commission and International Economic and Financial Institutions.

What we have prepared

We have several years of experience in obtaining financial support for our Clients from public sector, both from the European Union funds (including directly from the European Union Framework Programmes), as well as from the Norway Grants and Swiss Contribution, and from various sources of national financing..


The needs of individual Clients’ are different. The most important goal for us is to learn the specificity of needs, and then to match those needs with financing tools that will allow us to obtain funding in the most optimal way.

How do we work

  • We recognize individual Clinets’ needs, which allows for a very thorough analysis of the legal, technical and financed conditions of the undertaking.
  • We choose the best possible solutions, resulting in the selection of an optimized implementation option and achievement of the assumed goal of the undertaking.
  • We identify possible sources of financing and determine their percent share in the project, ensuring the most favorable external financing.
  • We prepare complete application documentation (feasibility study / business plan, application for co-financing, as well as its attachments).
  • We support negotiations with Implementing Institutions.
  • We support project implementation, carrying out project accounting and reporting and participating in project control.
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Michał Kosecki tel. 41 345 32 71