Development cooperation

Who we work with

We implement development projects at the request of international organizations: the European Union, the World Bank, the American Agency for International Development, the European Investment Bank, the European Training Foundation.

We work for national institutions involved in development cooperation: the Belgian Development Agency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

We share our knowledge and know-how about planning and implementation of economic and political reforms with representatives of governments, ministries, state agencies, local governments, universities, research centers, enterprises and non-governmental organizations.

What we have prepared

Strategic documents, short-, medium- and long-term action plans, drafts of legal acts, detailed analyzes and mechanisms for assessing the effectiveness of public policies, review of legislation and institutional solutions in specific areas of state functioning, communication strategies, training programmes and materials, feasibility studies, data management systems, assessments of framework and sources of financing.


There is a common characteristic of each of our actions – it’s a lack of repeatability. Each country and each project has its own specificity, so the standard approach will not work. The challenge which we (effectively!) face with all our projects is the need of ‘fresh look’ and thinking out of the box.

How do we work

  • We approach each project individually.
  • We cooperate with the best specialists in their fields.
  • We listen to expectations and adapt to current needs.
  • We fulfil our obligations on time.
  • We monitor and constantly improve our implementation methods.
  • We secure cooperation with scientific and research centers.

Examples of projects

  • Development Education and Awareness Raising (DEAR) Support Team
  • Support to socialservice providers and enhancement of monitoring capacities in BiH (SOCEM)
  • Support facility to EU delegations in the update, implementation and monitoring of their country roadmaps for engagement with civil society organisations (Roadmaps)
Please contact us
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Agnieszka Bądel tel. 41 345 32 71