PPP Public–private partnership

Public-Private Partnership projects are demanding, but the benefits are increasingly tempting for both sectors.

Decreased total costs of the venture, accelerated investment processes, higher efficiency in managing public funds, the possibility of implementing projects with a higher level of innovation, transfer of know-how from private to public sector, improving the quality of public services provided, and finally sharing risks between private and public partners – these are the advantages of PPP most frequently mentioned by the representatives of both sectors.

We work with both public and private entities. We use the services of legal and tax offices in Poland and abroad.


The biggest challenge seems to be convincing the decision-makers from the public sector to consider the possibility of realising investments in the PPP formula. Experience shows that having a good private sector partner and managing the project well results in the further steps of implementation revealing the advantages of this solution.

How do we work

  • The comprehensive project implementation service in the PPP formula begins with obtaining information about the investment, possible sources of financing and potential partners, if they exist.
  • Next, we verify the project – we check whether it is possible to implement it in the PPP formula, whether it is beneficial to the local community and profitable for the private partner.
  • We assist in the selection of a private partner in accordance with the procedures. We support, if needed, the implementation of the PPP agreement arrangements phase, we audit and close the project.
  • We also provide comprehensive investment promotion services: organization of an investment grand opening event and the dissemination of information about its existence among potential recipients.



We have prepared analyzes of possibilities to realise large foreign investments in the PPP formula, also with the participation of a foreign private partner, including variant institutional and legal analyzes based on national law along with the expertise of the necessary legislative changes.

We have also developed economic and financial analyzes for national PPP projects, as well as expert evaluation and recommendation regarding the selection of projects to be implemented in the PPP formula.

Examples of Projects

  • Analysis of the possibility of creating a Technology Park in the PPP formula in Belarus
  • Economic and financial analysis in the scope of preparation for the construction of a municipal waste treatment installation in the PPP formula by the municipality
  • Substantive assessment of 9 road projects from the local government sector in order to select a pilot project to be implemented in the PPP formula
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