We enhance the competencies of the most important resource of every company and institution – employees. We work on knowledge, skills and even attitude. We conduct closed and open workshops, trainings and coaching.

Our in-house and external experts teach and train public and business sectors around the world. In Poland, we share our knowledge and skills with Ministries, municipalities and city offices, international corporations that have started their development in Poland, large companies, as well as with SMEs.


The biggest challenge is to become aware of the need for lifelong learning. Everything that happens later comes down to the process of education. Sometimes we work in countries where there is no access to the Internet and often for the most demanding Clients from the G7 group.

How do we work

  • First, we define the recipients, analyze their needs, create programmes, select the right tools and trainers.
  • We conduct workshops and training, and monitor the progress of participants. If necessary, we offer coaching or consulting services after the training.
  • We specialize in international public procurement, company finance optimization, and managerial training.

Our Experience

We have carried out thousands of hours of trainings, workshops and coaching. We have developed and released our own publications, reports and training materials.

Examples of Projects

  • Training and coaching as well as consulting for members of smart specialization consortia
  • Training and coaching as well as consulting for cluster members: trade fair, fair-related and wood services
  • Moderation of the first Regional Development Forum in Lima (Peru).