Study tour from Croatia, 17-23 June

On 17-23 June 2007, a delegation of 14 representatives of Croatian self-governments, NGOs and independent experts, accompanied by the Polish Team Leader, visited Poland in the framework of the EU project “Capacity building and grants to civil society organisations in social services” which is being carried out by an international consortium led by EPRD.

The aim of the study tour to Poland was to familiarise the participants with the project promotion issues/mechanisms/techniques, present the Polish system of social policy and show the mechanisms of establishing and maintaining partnerships between local governments and NGOs. Special attention was paid to concrete Polish experiences regarding implementation of ESF projects.

The study tour participants visited four cities: Krakow, Kielce, Sandomierz and Warsaw and took part in almost 20 meetings.

The agenda contained among others the following institutions and topics:

– Voivodship Labour Office (activities of Malopolskie Observatory of Labour Market and Education)

– Krakow City Hall (strategy of social policy planning),

– Regional Centre for Social Policy (social policy on regional level),

– Municipality Centre for Social Policy (social welfare policy on the local level, partnership between local government and NGOs),

– Association “U Siemachy” (education and other services for disadvantaged youth),

– Association Integration and Development (project Regional Centre of ESF and establishment of partnerships between NGOs, entrepreneurs and self governments),

– Centre for Promotion of Entrepreneurship (programme ”Self government and Local Communities”, creation of partnership mechanisms for management of communities),

– Association for Development of the Countryside “Gory Wysokie” (example of local initiatives and grant projects, cooperation with public institutions),

– Ministry of Regional Development (implementation of ESF projects – Polish experiences),

– Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Department of Public Benefit (cooperation between public administration and NGOs)

– TV station TVN (social awareness promotion campaign).

The study tour logistic support was provided by EPRD, the headquarters of which were visited on the third day of the trip (the photo above).

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