New project in Albania

In June 2014 Albania was given the status of an EU candidate country. The results of the 2014 National Survey revealed that 87% of Albanians see the country’s EU membership as a positive development. The EU integration process is Albania’s most significant challenge and priority, the importance of which should be recognised, especially where governance is the closest to citizens.

We are glad that we will have a chance to contribute to these efforts as the leader of an international consortium through the implementation of a new 18-month EU-funded contract: “Bashkitë për në Europë / Municipalities for Europe” which will build the capacities of the local governments in Albania to boost the country’s EU integration process.

We are going to strengthen the role which the Albanian municipalities should play in the EU integration process and support establishment of the EU focal desks in each of the 61 municipalities of Albania to increase the knowledge and understanding of EU policies, objectives, priorities, institutions, programmes and perspectives among Albanian officials and citizens.

The project kicks off in September. Stay tuned for the updates!

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