Filming in Ecuador

In order to increase visibility and awareness of the EU support to civil society and EU’s engagement with civil society, it is crucial that communication efforts are boosted. In a context where traditional supports like fully-fledged reports get paid less and less attention, audio-visual and multimedia tools appear particularly suitable to reach this goal.

Therefore the RMF Facility has started working on four short video’s – one on each pillar of the Communication 2012 ‘Roots of Democracy and Sustainable Development.’ The fourth video will be a general one highlighting the Roadmaps and the EU engagement with Civil Society.

The multimedia productions will consist of short promotional videos that illustrate clear examples of EU engagement with Civil Society in the field. They will portray a number of initiatives of the EU to engage with civil society, which will demonstrate good practices and examples to other countries. Another important element is that the videos will also serve to give the public within the EU a better idea on how the EU is supporting civil society worldwide.

In order to produce the videos, the EPRD’s RMF Team kept in mind to have a mix of countries with fragile contexts or countries that are (in the process) of being graduated as well as having interesting examples of EU engagement with civil society. 

Ecuador has thus been selected as one of the example countries due to the great job it has been doing regarding the CS roadmap. The RM of Ecuador is very much owned by civil society, they are clearly in the driving seat, deciding what are the issues to focus on and clearly directing EU engagement. It also confirms the commitment of the EU to work closely with CSOs, in an increasingly restrictive and difficult environment. The RM can be considered not just the EU strategy, but also the joint EU-CS strategy, as it shows a high level of involvement of CSOs.

The filming took place last week and we are here sharing with you the photos documenting the work of our team in this fascinating country with tremendous cultural diversity. Enjoy!



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