EU-Japan Region-to-Region Innovation Cooperation

Webinar Series No.4

Energy Transition and Hydrogen in the EU and Japan

Date: 27 April 2023

Time : 9:00-10:30 CEST; 16:00-17:30 JST

Venu: Online

Hydrogen energy, which emits no CO2 during consumption is being emphasised as a necessary technology to achieve the goals of the ‘European Green Deal’ and “Climate Neutrality”, and European companies are steadily beginning to integrate the use of hydrogen energy into their business plans. To further accelerate the shift to a hydrogen society, the EU published its European Hydrogen Strategy in July 2020, and the recent situation in Ukraine has drawn attention to the role of hydrogen from the perspective of energy security. In Japan, the Basic Energy Plan approved by the Cabinet in October 2021 also positions hydrogen as a new energy source in terms of energy policy and calls for a drastic strengthening of efforts to realise a hydrogen society. In this seminar, European regions and Japanese prefectures will introduce their respective initiatives for the development and diffusion of hydrogen in this context and exchange views.