Training Course Outline

Nov 25: Course Outline Session 1: The Circular Economy, Procurement and Plastics

Goal: First session will cover introduction to the modules and create a common basic understanding of circular principles that will be addressed in detail in Session 2.

Outline content:

  • Circular economy background
  • Introduction to key circular procurement (CP) principles
  • Collaboration
  • The plastics challenge and priorities
  • Considering alternatives
  • Understanding and addressing perceived and actual challenges to progress plastics wastes reduction:
  • Defining Actions and next steps

Dec 2: Course Outline Session 2: Specifying Circular Outcomes – The Procurement Toolbox

Goal: Second session will provide a practical focus on implementation to reduce plastics waste through procurement, including the development of a specification through the lifecycle of the procurement process and the product/ asset lifetime (sourcing, use and disposal). Examples and case studies will be used.

  • Outline content
  • Strategic planning: identifying problematic plastics
  • Pre-solicitation
  • Developing the specification
  • Evaluating tenders
  • Monitoring outcomes
  • Defining Actions and next steps