Guide for Participants

Joining the Session:

  1. Login to event

Please join the session using the link sent with your registration, type the email used for your registration and click next, we will be there waiting for you.

If you have any issue when login, you can contact our technician by clicking the Contact us button in the webinar platform.

  1. Participate in the course

The course will include introductions, presentations, Q&A session, and break out rooms. More detail on how to participate in the course will be provided closer to the date regarding the mechanics of how the webinar platform works (e.g. audio, video protocols, using the chat, using break out rooms, etc.).

  1. Help Desk

Technical problems:

In the event of experiencing any technical problems:

  • David Jimenez Burgos is the Technical Support person onsite to assist.
  • Try the chat feature in the web platform to chat with David.
  • Contact David: in case of any technical issues with accessing the webinar platform or navigation.


  1. Lateral Menu in the Web Platform

On the left-hand side of the webinar platform, you will see a menu. Some of the menu options are:

– Agenda, where you can check the agenda of the event

– Chat, where you can ask questions to the experts.

– Polls/Q&As, where you can answer polls and send some questions to experts during Q&A time.

– Speakers, where you can look for any speaker prand check their bio.

– Resources, where you can check and download files that are relevant.