Green Procurement for Plastics Circularity
Two Specialized Training Sessions

November 25 11h00-14h00 EST
and December 2, 11h00-14h00 EST

The European Union’s (EU) project on Reducing Plastic Waste in Canada is pleased to host this training to inform and inspire change towards greening procurement for buyers in Canada. The project is part of the Circular Plastics in the Americas Program of the EU. The two-year project aims to support the transition towards more sustainable production and consumption, enhance peer-to-peer exchanges and boost ongoing processes to create opportunities for a circular plastics economy.

The circular procurement course being offered is a unique opportunity to learn about advancements in circularity and how it is being applied to procurement processes in European jurisdictions, the benefits of greening procurement, as well as guidance on how to integrate circularity principles into the procurement process. Specific course elements will address challenges in the process, how to develop key performance indicators, and the tendering process.

This course is for Canadian procurement specialists with some knowledge of sustainable procurement looking to deepen their practices and acquire new tools and solutions to address plastic waste reduction objectives in their organisations.

The course will be led by expert trainers using presentations and case studies, Q&A discussions, interactions in facilitated breakout groups, polls. It will also make available resources for participants to access during and after the course.


Target Audience

A range of professionals are involved in the procurement process in Canada with different roles and influence. This course is offered in two complementary sessions and is designed for a wide range of practitioners with targeted information as follows:

  1. Session 1 November 25: those who influence procurement policy, budgets, business case options, market engagement and development within each level of government.
  2. Session 2 December 2: includes procurement practitioners/ officers with responsibility for developing tenders and managing contracts within each level of government.

It is recommended that registrants attend both sessions to get training on both circular procurement background and practical tools, although they are also designed to stand on their own. Consult our detailed course outline for more information and register at the registration link.


Course Objective

The course aims to increase knowledge and know-how of Canadian procurement practitioners who are focused on achieving plastic waste reduction goals.


Trainers Facilitating the Course:

The trainers facilitating this course are experts in greening procurement initiatives:

  1. Jo-Anne St. Godard of the Circular Innovation Council in Canada
  2. Mervyn Jones of Sustainable Global Resources Ltd in the U.K.

Both have in-depth experience in green and circular procurement and providing guidance to practitioners.


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