Final conference of the Romanian Phare project

The finalization of the project „ TA to support MoLSSF, NAE and Final Beneficiaries in the implementation of the grant schemes for Active Employment Measures (AEM) mainly for youth, long term unemployed, and job seekers in rural areas and the implementation of the Life Long Learning (LLL) grant schemes” was marked by the final conference event which was held in Bucharest on 8th July 2008.

EPRD as a leader of international consortium, was awarded this Phare Project and started implementation in May 2007. The main objective of the project focused on support in the implementation of the grant schemes for Active Employment Measures and Life-Long-Learning under Phare in order to facilitate awareness rising of the work force, provide information and ensure a transparent, competitive and effective process for projects appraisal and selection. The second axis of the project was the transition from Phare to European Social Fund and projects selection and management under Structural Funds.

Having gained a positive feedback from the beneficiaries who attended the conference in great number, we are convinced that our work has not been carried out in vain.

We are particularly proud that the Romanian Minister of Labor, Family and Equal Opportunities – Mr Paul Păcuraru and Director General of Managing Authority for SOP Human Resources Development – Ms Cristina Iova during the conference initiated 18 calls for grant proposals for Romania under European Social Fund.

We wish Romania all the best on their path to effective and qualitative utilization of European Social Fund’s resources what will enhance the value of human capital.

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