ACP Countries open for EPRD

Being the company from New Member State, EPRD was so far not eligible to start in large technical assistance projects in African and Caribbean countries financed under European Development Fund. This was due to the fact that New Member States did not actually contribute to EDF.

This situation has changed as from 1 July. As we can read on Europeaid website: <i>”The European Council held in Brussels in 2002 decided in its conclusions that new Member States will accede to the European Development Fund as of the new Financial Protocol (10th EDF). In order to further streamline and harmonise procedures, participation in procedures for the awarding of procurement contracts or grants financed from the 9th and 10th European Development Fund shall be open to all natural and legal persons from EU Member States, including the new EU 12, as from the date of entry into force of the 10th European Development Fund, which is 1 July 2008 . Regarding the participation in the awarding of grants and in procurement procedures under the 9th European Development Fund, this shall apply to tenders and calls for proposals which are published as from the same date.”</i>

This information opens a new market for EPRD, on which we have already some experience and which we are going to develop. In this place, we would like to invite potential clients and partners for cooperation with recognized company from New Member States.

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