EPRD will implement the FPI project „EU Cooperation with the International Solar Alliance”

We are proud to announce that EPRD Ltd., under EPRD’s Consortium in the FPI – PSF 2019 Lot 2 “Technical Assistance,” has been awarded the project „ EU Cooperation with the International Solar Alliance” with the budget of nearly 1 000 000 EUR.

Over the last two decades, the Globe has been changing rapidly and dramatically, both in a political and an environmental way. Engagement through active networking and diplomacy in international organizations, such as the International Solar Alliance, has been identified by DG ENERGY as an effective way of setting up a progressive clean energy transition agenda globally and enhancing the EU’s leadership role.

The overall objective of the action is to further deepen the cooperation between the European Union and the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and its Member States by sharing European models, policies, expertise and technologies to accelerate the clean energy transition in third countries and support the competitiveness of the EU companies.

The assignment will last until March 2023.

Best of luck!

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