EPRD continues cooperation with the Educational Research Institute

The EPRD consortium, commissioned by the Educational Research Institute, is starting the work on the next challenge of developing the Sectoral Qualifications Framework project. Together with Mabea and Abrys, EPRD will specify the qualification levels operating in the material recovery sector in Poland (MRS).

The Sectoral Qualification Framework (SQF) will be developed together with a team of experts with specialist knowledge of the MRS, as well as expertise in creating qualifications, education and training programs for the material recovery industry in Poland and abroad, and knowledge of the Polish Qualifications Framework and assumptions of the Integrated Qualifications System in Poland.

The work of the team will be divided into three stages:

  1. Development of the preliminary draft SQF for MRS,
  2. Consultations among representatives and stakeholders of the MRS,
  3. Development of guidelines for the implementation and use of the SQF for MRS.

The project will end in February 2022.

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