EPRD will continue its provision of technical assistance for public employment services in Serbia

EPRD, partnering with ECG, FREN and Pole Emploi won 1,2 mln € project which is aimed at “Further integration of forecasting, monitoring and evaluation in the design and implementation of active labour market policies and adjustment of national classification of occupations to ISCO 08 standards” and its implementation is expected to be completed within two years.

The activities within the project are foreseen to strengthen the capacity of National Employment Service and employment department within Ministry of Economy and Regional Development for more efficient maintaining of a system for monitoring and evaluation of active labour market policies and forecasting of labour market trends.

The project will also have the task to adjust more than 2,400 occupation descriptions to ISCO 08 standards. Once this task is complete, it will define the level of job complexity for occupations to serve as a basis for defining the level of education complexity under the National Qualifications Framework.

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