EPRD continues supporting local Albanian administration

We are glad to inform you that the 2nd phase of the EU-funded project “Municipalities for Europe” was launched on July 1, 2021. It’s a direct continuation of the 1st three-year-long phase, which was implemented by the EPRD consortium and focused on assisting Albanian local government and citizens through capacity building and awareness-raising activities to facilitate the EU integration process of Albania.

With the support of the EUD in Tirana, we managed to create EU Desks in all 61 municipalities of Albania, which in 2018 became institutionalised and transformed into Structures of European Integration in charge of the coordination of EU integration processes at the local level – EU Integration Units.

With this phase, the project team will continue supporting local Albanian administration and increasing their EU-related knowledge and governance capacities. At the same time, the Albanian citizens’ awareness of EU policies, funding opportunities, and integration process will be further strengthened through the support provided to the network of EU Integration Units so that it reaches its full potential as the voice of the local community on issues related to the European integration of Albania.

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