Final evaluation of the EU-China ETS

We are excited to announce that our FWC Department has successfully finished the project under FPI – PSF 2019 Lot 2 “Technical Assistance” – “Platform for Policy Dialogue and Cooperation between EU and China on Emission Trading.” Over the last three decades, outstanding economic growth has been recorded in China, which, at the same time, has turned the country into the world’s largest emitter of CO2. For this reason, emission trading has become a significant component in the Chinese climate policy portfolio, and several pilot emission trading systems have been launched in provinces and municipalities.

The project was the follow-up of the program from 2013-2017 supporting emission trading in China, funded by the EC Directorate-General for Development Cooperation. The EPRD-led consortium has been selected by the EU Delegation in China with two evaluators for the final evaluation. It aimed to provide the EU and the interested stakeholders with an overall independent assessment of the project’s past performance, crucial conclusions, and related recommendations to improve current and future actions.

As required, the evaluation team assessed the project performance by using the standard OECD DAC evaluation criteria and EU-specific evaluation criteria, considering gender equality and social inclusivity issues.

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