EPRD among 15 Polish companies presenting their success stories in Polityka Insight

It is estimated that the public procurement market of international organizations is worth tens of billions of dollars. The pool of Polish companies cooperating with such institutions is systematically expanding. However, the rankings published by international organizations show that the companies are still far from the top.

Polityka Insight, commissioned by the Ministry of Development, prepared a report “How to apply for public procurement contracts of international organizations? 15 success stories of Polish companies ”.

EPRD, having extensive experience in the implementation of contracts for international organizations and public institutions, has been noticed and distinguished by the opportunity to present and share its achievements in this field.

In the report, you can find general information about EPRD as well as an outline of the strategy of operating on the international playing field. In addition, the study includes examples of successfully completed contracts. We reveal a bit of EPRDs secret know-how and keep our fingers crossed for the success of other Polish companies.

The publication can be found under this link.

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