New Challenge… Overview of EU Actions in the Arctic and their impact

The relevance of the Arctic, in terms of political, economic and scientific is unquestionable.

Due to new global challenges as global warming and climate change, the EU has been taking steps as per its strategic interest in being an active player in the Arctic issues and its solutions.

Deserves to point that in 2016, the Commission published a Joint communication on an integrated EU policy for the Arctic which is structured based on three priorities:

  1. Climate Change and safeguarding the Arctic environment
  2. Sustainable Development in and around the Artic
  3. International Cooperation on Arctic issues

Inspired in this aim, EPRD will contribute to this as per the project under PSF2019 Worldwide, Lot 2 – Technical Assistance “Overview of EU actions in the Arctic and their impact”.

EPRD will contribute to the development of a comprehensive understanding of the impact of EU policies and actions on the Artic and their positive and negative impacts. This will contribute to the EU policymaking, in particular towards the drafting of the next EU High Representative and the European Commission’s policy statement on the Arctic.

However, the study will in particular focus on the global and climate change actions, chiefly mitigation, adaptation and research, as well as the policies relevant for the sustainable development, especially in the European part of the Arctic. Special attention will be given to the issues and rights of Indigenous Peoples and to the gender and equality aspects, where applicable.

Since sustainable and prosperous Arctic is not only important for the region itself, however also for the European Union and of course the entire planet the whole team is very eager and excited to participate in such prestigious and important assignment.

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