NEW AWARD in Bosnia and Herzegovina

We are proud to announce that EPRD, in consortium with the British Standards Institution, has been awarded the EuropeAid project “EU Support to Trade” in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The value of the contract is €1.8 million. The project will start in September 2020 and will last 34 months.

The project is a response to the clear need to enhance the country’s benefits from trade opportunities both regionally and globally. Achieving the overall objective and the purpose of the project – to boost trade flows and to raise competitiveness by improving trade environment and reducing trade costs – will provide greater benefits from intra-regional and extra-regional BiH foreign trade.

The technical assistance will contribute to:

  • Implementation of CEFTA additional protocols, PEM, MPA REA and further development of regional cooperation and integration in terms of dispute settlement, liberalization of trade in services, trade facilitation, adjusting investment policies and enhancing regional mobility;
  • Implementation of the SAA that effectively acts as a pre-accession gateway to the EU internal market;
  • WTO membership and the consequential access to and integration into the international trading system;
  • Increasing the capacity of the BiH Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations to implement existing and future commitments which the country undertakes according to different international agreements and to expand the foreign trading partnership programme.
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