DEAR Development Education and Awareness Raising support team

The year 2015 is the European Year for Development. According to the survey made by the EuropeAid Development and Cooperation, 66% of EU citizens think that tackling poverty in developing countries is one of the EU’s priorities. Activities of EPRD started in 2013/2014 related to supporting civil society and non-state actors in developing countries as well as Development Education and Awarness Raising (DEAR) actions fit this context very well.

Therefore we are pleased to announce that EPRD will continue its direct support to the European Commission’s activities related to development assistance through the implementation of a 3-year €2.0 million project: ‘DEAR Development Education and Awareness Raising support team’ which will commence in January 2015.

The overall objective of the project is to meet the EC’s need for support in the development and implementation of its DEAR actions which “aim at developing citizens’ awareness and critical understanding of the interdependent world, of their role and responsibility in relation to a globalised society; and to support their active engagement with global attempts to eradicate poverty and promote justice, human rights and democracy, social responsibility, gender equality, and a sustainable social economic development in partner countries.” Most of these actions involve the implementation by actors organised as CSOs or LAs in the EU and acceding countries.

More information about the project and its running activities will be published on our fanpage – follow us there

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