20 years!

Time is running… We still remember the beginning. A few people in the ‘90s trying to work as consultants – a completely new job in Poland. The beginning, as always, was very difficult, ups and downs against a background of a relatively young democracy and political environment.

The aid funds became available and it was our specialty from the start. EU (Sapard, Phare), USAid, Know-How fund, EBRD – these were the resources of financing of our activity, mainly in agriculture, rural development, VET and labour market. By working in Poland we have learned how to cooperate in the consultancy market.

Then the time has come for Poland to join the European Union. This was also the time for EPRD to verify our possibilities to compete on the common market. We had been well prepared – well before we created our capacity to do it and we did not make a mistake.

Now we are still strong in Poland but also well recognised abroad. From one company, we have grown into a group of several organisations. From a few people starting the business in 1995, we are now almost 90 employees in the group. Despite getting older and older, we can still maintain a positive attitude to our work – thanks to which we have achieved our success.

This year in July we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of EPRD’s activities in the advisory sector. We are glad that our brand is well known and appreciated by our Clients as a reliable partner for challenging projects. This is because we have never been followers, like others, but we are creating standards. Creating standards in a pleasant working atmosphere…


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