We are an active part of the change – New Plastic Circular Economy

Reducing plastic waste – Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns – Canada and Chile.

A world without plastics? Plastic is a fundamental component in our economic systems and daily lives, and it has had a huge and relevant impact on our progress as a society but it would be irresponsible to deny that this progress has cost our environment a lot.

The raising awareness of the issues related to the environment, incited by Civil Society Agents, NGOs, and involved consumers has given an impulse for the development of public policies to achieve better treatment of pollution and the need of understanding of the economic growth in circular terms, taking the path to sustainable, efficient, fair and dynamic use of resources to warranty the necessary balance between the economic and social growth and the preservation of our planet.

Last decades, the European Union has been assuming its leading role in order to achieve objectives as one of the main actors in promoting and developing a sustainable economy, still in progress,  in cooperation with the governments of its Member States. Also, the EU has developed cooperation links among its international partners. Among all the cooperation actions taken, the EU objectives go to lead the transition to the plastics of the future. This strategy targets the transition to a new plastics economy, affecting the design and production of plastics and its products oriented all to the reuse, repair and recycling needs and more sustainable materials to be developed and promoted.

EPRD Consortium participates in this “road to progress and sustainable economy”, strengthening the EU’s leading role, promoting and contributing to a more competitive resilient plastics and recycling industries.

Our cooperation is rooted in the comprehension of our global climate commitments and industrial policy objectives, clearly stated in our support to the EU Plastic Strategy in the Americas Region. Our challenge is to be an active actor and to make a difference in the need of understanding that the care of our environment is a matter of us all.

In this respect, our contribution goes, among other specific actions, through two recent Framework Contracts awarded to EPRD Consortium, under the FPI – PSF 2019 Lot 2 “Technical Assistance” and namely: “Reducing plastic waste in Canada – Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns” with a budget of 920 250 EUR and “Reducing plastic waste in Chile – Ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns” with a budget of 907 900 EUR.

Our role? It is to promote a greater global responsibility on plastic waste, supporting the EU cooperation with our partners in Canada and Chile for better learning, support, knowledge and success.

We are proud to be an active part of the change for a better future which turns to be our present.

More information soon.

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