Knowledge Transfer Strategy for the Łukasiewicz Research Network

Links between science and business still remain one of the weaknesses of the Polish R&D ecosystem. In response to this problem, in April 2019 the Łukasiewicz Research Network (ŁRN) was launched. The task of the Network is to conduct applied research and development, which is particularly important for the country’s economic and innovation policies, as well as to provide the transfer of knowledge to the economy. ŁRN currently consists of 32 research institutes that offer complex solutions for entrepreneurs.

EPRD is a part of the international team that works on development of the knowledge transfer strategy for the Network.  The objective of the strategy is to facilitate sharing and disseminating of research-based knowledge and its better utilisation in order to avoid duplication of research organizations’ efforts. Better coordination of the related activities will create more transparency and easier access to the R&D offer of the Network to external stakeholders (e.g. industry, business, public bodies and civil society). The strategy will allow the circulation of knowledge at three levels, namely:

  1. Exchange of knowledge between the employees of the Łukasiewicz Centre
  2. Knowledge sharing between institutes in various areas and at various levels.
  3. Sharing of knowledge between the ŁRN and third parties.

The project will involve analysis of good practices concerning large research and technology organisations from the other EU Member States, operating in many industrial sectors, which share institutional and organizational similarities to the Łukasiewicz Network.

The project has been commissioned by the Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) of the European Commission and is expected to be finalised in March 2022.

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