Accelerator Session on Plastics Programme

9h45 – 10h15  Opening Plenary

  • Welcome from Co-Hosts and introduction of the session objectives and moderator
    Ambassador Melita Gabrič, Delegation of the European Union to Canada
    George Roter, Managing Director, Canada Plastic Pact
  • Moderator introduction of the detailed agenda, rules for participants and presentation of Plenary speakers
  • Plenary: Framing global and transboundary issues in the implementation of a circular economy for plastics.
    Presenter 1: Shardul Agrawala, Head, Environment and Economy Integration Division
    OECD Environment Directorate, Paris, France
    Presenter 2: Hugo-Maria Schally, Head, Multilateral Environmental Cooperation Unit, Directorate General for Environment, European Commission of the EU
  • Introduction of the three concurrent sessions

10h20 -10h25 Transition to break-out session
10h25 – 11h15 Concurrent sessions   

Facilitated session introduced by expert discussants with interactive participant discussions to identify barriers/key challenges, best practices and innovative approaches and, gaps and ideas for future efforts.

Breakout 1 – Achieving recycled content goals: what are the supply chain and technology implications and solutions across global markets for recycled content?


  • Ton Emans, President, Plastic Recyclers of Europe
  • Steve Alexander, President & CEO, Association of Plastic Recyclers

Breakout 2 – Innovative business models for recirculating plasticsWhat are the leading practices and new business models? What conditions and policies catalyzes and supports them?


  • Jose Manuel Moller, CEO & Founder, Algramo, Chile
  • Jeannette Morath, CEO and Founder, reCIRCLE AG

Breakout 3 – Influencing within global supply chains: what challenges do global businesses and suppliers face in trying to meet varying requirements?


  • Ignacio Gavilan, Director Sustainability, Consumer Goods Forum, Switzerland
  • Robyn Collver, Senior Vice-President, Regulatory Affairs and Chief Sustainability Officer, Canadian Tire Corporation
11h15-11h20 Transition to plenary
11h20 – 11h45 Closing Plenary
  • Interactive poll of participants
    1. Identifying themes and opportunities from the report back, or;
    2. Identifying interests in future work in these areas.
  • Insights, issues and ideas for moving forward
    Nina Bellucci Butler, CEO of Stina Inc.
  • Closing remarks: Paulo Da Silva Lemos, Policy Officer, Sustainable Products and Plastics, Directorate General for Environment, European Commission of the EU
  • Closing remarks from co-hosts