Study for DG Research and Innovation finished

We are pleased to inform that “Study on Fostering Industrial Talents in Research at European Level” has been successfully finalised. The project was commissioned by DG Research and Innovation and implemented by EPRD as the lead organization with EPRD in-house staff engaged as key experts. The Client expressed satisfaction with the results emphasizing that the assignment required a lot of background work covering a large geographical area (28 UE Member States and 23 countries associated to Horizon 2020 and Europe’s main competitors).

The study’s thematic scope covers the mobility of researchers between academia, industry, the public sector and the third sector. The research team mapped national examples of formal and informal mobility schemes and reviewed existing EU programmatic and funding support for intersectoral mobility (ISM). Five cross-comparative case studies presenting examples of different forms of intersectoral mobility and good practices have been elaborated. A feasibility of the scope for further EU intervention to strengthen participation in ISM was also undertaken.

The Final report has been published on Euraxess website.

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