Strengthening capacity of Yemeni CSOs

Easter break was a busy time for our team working in the Roadmaps Project. On 30th and 31st March the project Team Leader accompanied by local consultants organised a consultation workshop with Yemeni CSOs and stakeholders in Amman.

Yemen remains an extremely difficult context for civil society development. Since the outbreak of civil war in 2014 and the subsequent Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen in March 2015, space for citizens and civil society organizations (CSOs) to engage in the peace process and advocate for a stable political transition, both at the local and national level, has been limited. However, many of the organizations still operating in the country have maintained deep ties to their local communities and remain tuned into the population’s needs. In this context, the EU continued to strengthen civil society capabilities. On the one hand by building their capacity and on the other hand by strengthening their networks in order to let them participate and advocate in the peace process. Towards this end, the EU plans to continue its support and engage effectively with CSOs in Yemen in the coming period of 2018- 2020.

The objective of the workshop was threefold: 1) To provide a more deepened understanding of the CS landscape in Yemen, and of the opportunities and challenges faced by CSOs. Through the planned focus group discussions, the previously collected data from the field survey in Yemen were presented, revised and analysed more thoroughly; 2)To discuss and collectively assess existing donor support models; 3) To deepen the knowledge, on the CS side, of EU cooperation in Yemen (i.e. overall cooperation and specific support to civil society) and engage collectively in a discussion aiming at laying the foundations for a more systematic dialogue between the EU and Yemen CSOs.

We do thank our team for their dedication and do hope that their professional work will effectively support the Yemeni CSOs on their way of further development.

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