Setting-up of ”Kielce Fairs Cluster”

Successful closing of a cycle of meeting on the feasibility of setting-up of the service cluster in the city of Kielce found its conclusion in the adoption of a document: A conception of creating and organising of a services cluster “Kielce Fairs Cluster”. The conducted consultations led to the foundation of an Initiation Group, which members, among others the EPRD – Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development, signed on 12 September 2006 an agreement on the creation of the services cluster named “Kielce Fairs Cluster”. The city of Kielce was appointed to a co-ordinator post for the period of the initiative development. The members of the newly-erected cluster channelled their initial efforts not only on the issue of its institutionalisation, but also on elaboration of common projects, which may become a subject of the future applications for the means from the EU Structural Funds.

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