New EPRD project – Entrepreneurial learning in BiH education systems

We are very pleased to announce that EPRD has concluded a contract with the Delegation of the European Union in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the implementation of the project “Entrepreneurial learning in BiH education systems – Phase II”.

This long-term Technical Assistance project – its implementation period will extend over 24 months – will address the direct need for the fostering of entrepreneurship culture and entrepreneurial attitudes through the education systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main beneficiary of the intervention will be the Ministry of Civil Affairs of BiH – Sector for Education, and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations at State level. Further beneficiaries include the Agency for Pre-school, primary and Secondary Education; RS Ministry of Education and Culture, RS Institute for Adult Education, the Federal Ministry of Education, the Department of Education of Brčko District, RS Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, the Federal ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, RS Agency for Development of SMEs, and other relevant institutions.

The project is expected to contribute to an increased employability of the labour force by reducing the gap between the systems of education and the labour market. Furthermore, it will assist in developing human resources and institutional capacities in entrepreneurial learning, thus increasing overall competitiveness.

More specifically, the project will aim at introducing entrepreneurial skills throughout the formal education system in BiH, and create, in cooperation with the body responsible for the qualification framework in the country, a system for the validation of skills and knowledge acquired through informal and non-formal education. Curricula for entrepreneurial learning based on cross-curricular approach will be developed and implemented at ISCED levels 2 and 3. Moreover, the project will strengthen the cooperation between the education system and the business community in BiH by creating, developing and sustaining links between schools and the business sector.

The project, to start in January 2014, will be implemented by the EPRD-led consortium, in partnership with GOPA and ÖSB Consulting.

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