Evaluation of the cooperation in science, technology and innovation between Finland and Mozambique

EPRD Research and Evaluation Department has recently finalised the Mid-term Evaluation of the Co-operation in Science, Technology and Innovation between Finland and Mozambique (STIFIMO)commissioned by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. STIFIMO is a programme carried out following the intergovernmental agreement between Finland and Mozambique since November 2009 and programmed until the end of 2014. STIFIMO supports the development of the Mozambique national STI strategy, MOSTIS. Its program purpose is to strengthen the foundations of the STI system in three principal ways: capacity building of key STI institutions; improved cooperation in four target areas: ICT, technology transfer, water and biotechnology; and the establishment of funding and support services for science and technology based innovation.

EPRD experts conducted assessment of the obstacles and opportunities affecting STIFIMO present and future performance, assessed the logical framework in the Programme Document, analyzed risks and their impact on the programme performance and recommended adjustments for the remaining implementation period. In order to achieve these, following the interviews in Finland, the team organized numerous meetings with local stakeholders in Mozambique, including conducting the interview with the Minister of Science and Technology. Apart from consultations in Maputo, the process of data gathering required also visits to three regions (Nampula, Gaza and Tete). Following elaboration of the Final report, the experts presented the main findings at the Department for Africa and the Middle East of the MFA in Helsinki.

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