WEBINAR 3: Mechanical recycling innovations for flexible packaging

October 7, 11h00 – 12h30 EST (17h00 – 18h30 CET)

Achieving circularity for plastics and meeting ambitious plastic waste reduction goals is a complex mission. Flexible plastic packaging is a growing and challenging segment of the plastic stream that is deserving its own strategies and investments in order to make progress in recovering it.

Learning about new approaches and policies, how innovative technologies are being applied, and the lessons in their deployment, will foster solutions to tackle challenges in the path to circularity for flexible plastics and lead to innovative collaborations.  The European Union’s project on Reducing Plastic Waste is pleased to host this webinar series to inform and inspire.

Following on our first two webinars covering roadmaps and advances in collection and sorting technologies for flexible packaging, our third webinar will explore how mechanical recycling technologies and facilities are adapting to recover polyethylene and polypropylene flexible packaging. Our dynamic speakers will be giving a first hand account of leading pilot projects and advancements in the processes to recycle these plastics and what they are doing to meet emerging market demands.

Register and join us to find out how leaders are creating circularity for flexible plastics.