EPRD wins a tender in Croatia

We are glad to inform you that EPRD as a partner of an international consortium has been awarded a CARDS project in Croatia: ”Adult learning”.

The Government of Croatia, together with international organisations, has undertaken many studies of the state of the educational system, and there has been considerable debate on the reforms needed to bring Croatia up to the standards of EU countries. The “55 Policy Recommendations for Raising Croatia’s Competitiveness” by the National Competitiveness Council (2003) and the more recent “Strategy for Adult Learning” (November 2004) drawn up by various teams of Croatian experts contained extensive discussion of lifelong learning and the importance of developing a learning society. At the same time the aforementioned papers recognised that adult education is the most neglected part of the Croatian education system.

The above mentioned project is an answer to the urgent need of strengthening the adult learning system in Croatia and this will be done by (1) the establishment of databases on adult learning, (2) development of staff and policy of institutions involved in adult learning, (3) revision of existing and design of new financing arrangements of adult learning, (4) improvement of the quality of training programmes and providers, (5) enhancement of basic skills programme for adults, (6) learning awareness campaign.

The overall value of the contract, signed on 18 June 2007, amounts to 1.486.490,00 EUR and the period of implementation will be 18 months.

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