EPRD supports cross-border cooperation in BiH

We are pleased to announce that EPRD Office for Economic Policy and Regional Development Ltd., as a partner of an international consortium, has been awarded the project in Bosnia and Herzegovina “EU support to implementation of cross-border programmes under IPA instrument – EUCORIN II” (a second phase of EUCORIN), which will be providing continuing institutional building and implementation support to BiH’s Cross Border Cooperation Programmes.

The overall objective of the project is to promote and enhance cross-border cooperation and socio-economic integration of border regions through strengthening economic, social, environmental and cultural ties between respective participating countries.

Within two components of the project a support will be provided to the relevant BiH state and local institutions and organisations to successfully participate in projects related to EU programmes implemented under the second component of IPA, that promote cross-border and trans-national cooperation. In particular the team of experts (the Team Leader, Socio-economic expert and Grant scheme management expert) will provide institution building at the Directorate for European Integration and CBC stakeholders to create sustainable long term CBC implementing structures.

The project has already begun and the kick-off meeting with the EC Delegation is planned to take place on Thursday, July 9, in the offices of the ECD. The total budget of the project amounts to 999,530 Euro.

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