EPRD signed the contract for strengthening capacity for human resources development

We are pleased to inform that EPRD as the leader of the international consortium has signed the contract for the EU funded project: “Strengthening capacity in BiH for human resources development” and will be managing the project and cooperating directly with the Delegation of the European Union to Bosnia and Herzegovina during 24 months of its implementation.

The overall objective of this project is to strengthen staff capacities and increase efficiency of the labour market through the institutional and strategic development of the concept of lifelong learning based on relevant statistical data in order to contribute to the overall development of society and the promotion of economic and social cohesion.

The specific results will be achieved through three components:

Component I: Adult education in lifelong learning context – a strategic platform for adult education and framework law in the context of lifelong learning elaborated.

Component II: Improvement of educational statistics  in order to meet international standards and requirements the new methodology for data collection and reporting will be developed, software upgraded and staff from education sector and statistical institutions will be trained.

Component III: Strengthening of capacities of potential applicants for grants – criteria for selection of potential grant applicants developed and training for candidates carried out.

The main beneficiaries of the project are:
– Ministry of Civil Affairs, sector for education and labour and employment ;
– Agency for Statistics.

The secondary beneficiaries are:
– Ministries of education at the entity and cantonal levels as well as the Department for Education of the Government of Brcko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– BiH Agency for Labour and Employment
– Agency for pre-school, primary and secondary education
– Agency for Development of Higher Education and Quality Insurance ;
– Centre for Information and Recognition of Documents in Higher Education in BiH, as well as relevant entity and cantonal ministries of labour,
– Employment  Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina,
– District of Brcko,
– Social partners,
– NGOs,
– Institutes for statistics (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Institute for Statistics, RS Institute for Statistics).

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