Polish Presidency of the EU Council
1 July 2011 is a historic moment for Poland, which since the 2004 accession to the EU for the first time will take over presidency of the European Union. In the period of major social challenges and economic standing in front of the whole Union, our country has a chance to prove how much has changed over the last two decades of political and economical transformation. We do hope that the experience gained, positive energy, and the enthusiasm of the Poles to EU will result that our presidency will be remembered positively.


The main objectives for the next six months will be:
– Striving to deepen the integration of the EU market, to bring increased economic growth;
– Efforts to further EU enlargement and increased collaboration with our neighbours, thus ensuring greater stability in the region of the world, just to the south and east;
– Strengthening of energy, food and military security in Europe.

During the Polish presidency begins with the very important discussion about the new European Union budget for 2014-2020.

More information you can find at www.PL2011.eu

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