EPRD chosen to monitor European Commission’s projects

We would like to gladly announce that EPRD, in cooperation with international companies: Eptisa (leader), Eurecna and FCG International (Finland), has won the project: “Results-oriented monitoring of operations financed by the European Community”, LOT4: Latin America and LOT7: Caribbean, Pacific, Cuba & the OCTs.

The main objective is to monitor the performance and results of operations financed on European Community funds within its external cooperation with third countries on the basis of an existing methodology. The monitoring will provide an overview and a basis for further analysis for the European Commission, both in the Delegations and Headquarters. The devolution of the management of the EC’s external assistance to Delegations makes it even more necessary to ensure that Heads of Delegations and Headquarters have clear, consistent and user-friendly overview (monitoring) information on operations being implemented in all regions where external assistance is provided.

EPRD’s consultants will conduct regular visits to projects and will produce short, semi-standard reports and give ratings and comments following standard criteria, estimating the efficiency, effectiveness, impact, relevance and likely sustainability of projects and programmes. They will also deliver short seminars/workshops to stakeholders, in Brussels or in the countries of the particular LOT to present the work, findings and conclusions.

The period of implementation will be 1 year in each of the two LOTs with a possibility of extension. The total values of the contracts will be 1.996.682 € annually in LOT4 and 1.199.830 € annually in LOT7.

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