Cooporation with Veterinary Faculty from Sarajevo

The Strategic Alliance Agreement between EPRD, represented by the President of the Board – Mr. Tadeusz Peczek and the Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo, represented by Dean Nihad Fejzic has been signed on June 21st 2018 at the Veterinary Faculty premises.

The agreement signatories decided to merge their potentials and to create strong partnership in the purpose of joined participation at the tenders, different projects and programmes from the field of mutual interest, primarily from the veterinary sector.

So far, Veterinary Faculty Sarajevo and EPRD successfully jointly participated in several projects, out of which one of the most important was participation in development of the Strategy for ABP/AW management.

We hope, newly signed agreement will bring many projects to both sides and as the final aim will be wellbeing of humans and animals.

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